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ipari park




The industrial Park is located at the north-eastern gate of Miskolc in the junction between two national roads to Kosice and Sátoraljaújhely. A four-lane road connects the roundabout, as part of the bypass road around Miskolc town. The traffic of this already busy junction is expected to be increasing due to the construction of the highway between Miskolc and Kosice, as well as the bypass road.

In the county development plans within the next 10 years, according to the Ministry of Environment and Water, the following investments will be made:

  • Completion of M3-M30 Motorway in the county (Helsinki corridor)
  • National road no.3 –Miskolc ring
  • Upgrading of national road no. 26 from Miskolc to Sajószentpéter
  • Construction of road between the Tisza river bridge at Cigánd and Olaszliszka

Completion of the M30 motorway between Miskolc and the border with Slovakia.


From the standpoint of the rail transportation of goods the important railway stations are Miskolc-Tiszai station and the Miskolc-Gömöri station. These stations are located, within a 2 km range by road from the industrial park.


According to our information the government will probably privatize further airport fields that could be used for civil and commercial purposes. However today with the existing motorway connection international airports such as Budapest, Debrecen and Kosice can easily be reached.


Public transport to the area is optimal, as there is a local bus-line between Felsőzsolca and Miskolc, while lines of toll-traffic are also quite close to the Industrial Zone from North, North-East and East, so the area can be approached from three bus-stops.


A 150 mm water pipeline next to the road towards Arnót provides drinking-water. In the junction next to the roundabout a 600 mm pipeline can be found, leading towards Miskolc from the Eastern main waterworks. The industrial park is connected already to this system, therefore the water supply is guaranteed.


The sewage of the area has been collected by a gravity drain networks and put into a central sewage-lift station. Pressure conduit of the lift-station is connected to the sewage network of Felsőzsolca town.


The service provider for power supply in the county is ÉMÁSZ Nyrt. Every settlement of the country is connected to the power supply network. The power supply of the industrial park is fully solved, availability time frames and conditions depend on the capacity needs. In case of very high needs our advantage is a cost advantage due to the fact that OVIT Zrt. north-east hungarian distrbution center is located in our industrial park.


The gas supply of the industrial park is available according to general necessities, in case of a significant demand more time could be nedeed to provide the requested supply.


The major network in the county presently is the T-Com. The county is divided into four major primer areas: Miskolc, Mezőkövesd, Szerencs and Kazincbarczika. In all four areas of the county ISDN centers are to be found, which means that videophone, videoconference, data transfer and internet banking is available. In the Industrial Park availability of high speed data transfer is provided, since optical cable connection is available.

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