Felsőzsolca Logistical Industrial Park
Industrial Park
outstanding logistical positioning
heavy load-bearing soil
full infrastructure
large pool of free labor force
county seat vicinity
already built road network
6.5 m wide, heavy load(11,5 tons/axel)road network.
public transport
The industrial park iseasily accessible from three different bus stops.
drinking water supply
ND300 drinking water and even ND600 drinking water pipeline available.
sewage draining
Free flow and under pressure rain water collection system to a central lifting shaft.
electricity network
Next to the site there is the power substation of MVM OVIT.
gas supply
the gas supply of the site is provided the gas line passing through the industrial park.
optical cable network
The optical network is available in the entire industrial park.
partner relations
Supply chains can easily be formed with the other owners.
introduction video
continuous site, infrastructure and services development, since 2005, according to owners needs.
present land size in hectares
entreprises from 10 countries
employed people
geographic location
geographic location
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