The industrial Park is located at the north-eastern gate of Miskolc in the junction between two national roads to Kosice and Sátoraljaújhely. A four-lane road connects the roundabout, as part of the bypass road around Miskolc town. The traffic of this already busy junction is expected to be increasing due to the construction of the highway between Miskolc and Kosice, as well as the bypass road. The internal road network of the industrial park exceeds 5 km. The entire road network is 6 m wide, heavy-duty, with an axle load of 11.5 tons.


Public transport to the area is optimal, as there is a local bus-line between Felsőzsolca and Miskolc, while lines of toll-traffic are also quite close to the Industrial Zone from North, North-East and East, so the area can be approached from three bus-stops.


Drinking water service is available on all parcels of the industrial park. The drinking water supply is provided by the NÁ 300 drinking water pipeline that crosses the area. In the intersection next to the roundabout, there is the NÁ 600 pipeline, leading towards Miskolc from the Eastern main waterworks, from which a larger amount of water can be obtained. The drinking water service is provided by the North Hungarian Regional Water Works.


Sewage drainage from all parcels of the industrial park has been solved. The waste water generated in the area is collected in a central waste water lift using a gravity and pressure system sewer network. The pressure line of the sewage lifter is connected to the sewerage system in Felsőzsolca. The wastewater service is provided by MIVÍZ Kft.


The electricity supply of the area is very good. The substation of MVM OVIT Zrt is located inside the industrial park, where the energy is distributed. The power supply of the industrial park is fully solved, availability time frames and conditions depend on the capacity needs. 


By connecting to the gas pipeline passing through the Industrial Park, the area's gas supply is solved. Gas connections have been connected to all investment areas. The gas service is provided by OPUS-TIGÁZ Zrt.


The optical network is provided in the entire area of ​​the industrial park. Two service providers provide the Internet connection.

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