Welcome to the website of the Felsőzsolca Logistical Industrial Park!

Our company has received the title of Industrial Park in 2005, initially for an area of 62 ha. As for this area the necessary infrastructure to acomodate the potential investors has been fully completed. We built mor 3 km of road with a width of 6,5 m and suitable for heavy traffic (11,5 t weightload/axle), and the belonging water, sewage, drain water, gas, and power supply. Also provided street-lighting and high speed telecommunications network (optical cable).

In 2007 due to the increasing demand and none the less to unsufficient available area, we enlarged the Industrial Park to the size of 103 ha. We also provided this area with complete infrastructure. Our aim is to be able to provide continuosly green field investment opportunities to all size companies both local and international and we would like to provide an investor friendly environment for those choosing us.

The Minister of Innovation and Technology changed the area of ​​the Industrial Park to 130 ha in 2021.

Today we already can say that along side local hungarian enterprises more and more foreign companies from the U.S., Germany, Belgium, Holland, have considered the Felsőzsolca Logistical Industrial Park to be the suitable place for the completion of their expansion plans.

FIZ latkep

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