The site has an excellent logistical location.

Felsőzsolca lies at 180 km from Budapest, along the M30 motorway. It can be considered almost as a part Miskolc, since the distance between the two towns is only 1 km.

The population of Felsőzsolca is 6.200 and has received the rank of town in 1997. In its proximity, a bigger town is Miskolc, with a population of about 150.000, while more than 250.000 people are living in the agglomeration of Miskolc.

The Logistical Industrial Park of Felsőzsolca borders upon the No. 3 main road from East and South, the administrative confines of Arnót village from North, and the road connecting the No. 3 main road with Edelény from the west.

As far asthe geographical location of the is concerned, the proximity of town of Miskolc, make it outstandingly attractive and competitive.

The completion of the M30 motorway has further increased the logistical advantages of the Industrial Park.  The motorway exit is located only a few hundred meters away from the Industrial Park, the connecting road is already a four lane road. With the future completion of the ring around Miskolc the location will become even more attractive. The existance of the motorway is attracting everywhere more investment, since the one of the main decision making factors is the transportation speed and ease ogf goods and materials.

The present size of the Industrial Park is 103 ha,  wich can be further increased.

Use the following maplinks to get more information on the location and internal structure of the Industrial Park. 

Map of the Industrial Park>>

Industrial Park - M30 motorway>>

Parcel structure on the left side of highway 3>>

Parcel structure on the right side of highway 3>>

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